Holy Crap, 2 Strong Lines


For the first time in a long time, the Red Wings will have two full lines that can be counted on to score goals.  Dan Cleary and Henrik Zetterberg will both lace them up tonight against the Los Angeles Kings.

According to Miss St. James of the Free Press states that Todd Bertuzzi, after basically handing Anaheim the win on laalternatelogoTuesday, will be moved to the second line with Val and Dan.  Hank will be reunited with the Flying Circus.  Hmmm…where did I see that idea before?

So if I have this right, tonight’s lineup should be as follows…



(updated 7:45 AM)

Osgood (starting)
Howard (starting)

That roster is looking a little more attractive.  And a good thing too.  Here’s what the standings look like as of this morning…

Five points out of a play-off spot means we’re going to have to string some wins together in order to crack the top eight again.  So thanks to Ritola for filling in for a while.  But it’s time to let the big boys take it from here.