Tick Tock on the Clock


…on being on the (draft) clock is what I was getting at.  But some of you know that I’m a closet Ke$ha fan, so I couldn’t resist.

From the Free Press:

“We’ve got some young defensemen coming. Ideally, you’d like to find some forwards with some scoring touch. Again, if there’s a defenseman there that we feel has fallen, we’ll take him.  We’re going to take the best player available. You just try to get as much talent as you can as quickly as you can and go to work trying to develop it into a finished product.”–Kenny Holland.

Detroit has an unusually high pick in the first round this year (21st).  In 2005, Detroit was all the way up to 19th.  In related news, teams that suck get good high draft picks, Detroit has to find high talent with sucky picks…think about it.

In other ‘clock’ related news…we’re waiting to hear back from Todd Bertuzzi’s agent who has decided to play hard ball.  Holland also discussed this:


“Obviously, in a cap world, the situation we’re in, we don’t have a ton of money. Todd had a great year for us, and I’m sure he’s gonna have some decisions to make come July 1. We’ll continue to talk to him. We’d like to have him back, but obviously, there’s gotta be a fit financially for the player and for us. Talks are ongoing. We’ll see where they go.”

According to several sources, Bertuzzi’sagent isn’t returning calls…which is an indication that he might be wanting Todd to test his worth in the market.  Bertuzzi would score a lot more brownie points with me if he told his agent to knock it off and sign whatever deal he’s lucky enough to get from Holland.

You said you wanted to stay, Todd…now prove it.  I don’t buy into this whole, “I wanted to stay, but they’re paying me more somewhere else” bull crap.  It’s the same line that Hossa used when he left to try and make us feel all warm and fuzzy.

“Gee, I wanted to stay with you, but this girl over here is better looking”…would that go over well with you?  That can be applied to both genders, by the way.