Hockeytown USA

So we have a new blogger in our midst, and they didn’t even bother to come for help….hmph.  Well, I had to find out about the Hockeytown USA blog from Winging it in Motown.  I figure every new addition to the Red Wings Blogroll here at NOHS (on the left side of the page) deserves a shout out once I’ve checked out the blog for myself.

The site is ran by rwum14, who appears to be a volley player as well as a Red Wings fan.  Well there’s two positive notches right here in my book.  The blog is extremely well written with news from around the league when relevant and is updated about every day.

It’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the Red Wings blogosphere.  Some teams don’t have ANY good blogs.  Detroit has too many good ones.

Give Hockeytown USA a look, but as always, you have to promise to come back.