Hockeytown Heroes


Ladies and gentlemen…meet Kerry Teague, Kasey Bell and Chris Sheptack.

These three reside in Los Angeles but are all from Michigan and made the trip to last week’s Game 2 at Arena.  You may have heard parts of the story, but here’s the story as told by Kasey Bell to the Oakland County Daily Tribune:

“I went to Korea Town in Los Angeles to buy the octopi.”

Apparently the man at the seafood market spoke absolutely no English, so Bell had to look up a picture of an octopus on his phone to show the guy.  The man handed him a block of ice, which the three friends melted when they got home to find 10 baby octopi.  They decided that 9 of the 10 were going to be thrown, in honor of Gordie Howe.

“You have to boil them so they aren’t as slimy.  I forgot all about that, so we threw them into a cooler and headed to Phoenix.”

Well…they didn’t totally forget about it, they boiled the babies in the hotel coffee pot, then strapped them to their legs after wrapping them up in Saran Wrap.

We all know how the game went.  And you may remember the FSD feed (if you’re lucky enough to get it) with about 5 minutes left to go in the game, the cleanup crew had some work to do…

This is NOT one of Teague, Bell, or Sheptack’s babies, but you get the idea.

Apparently, Sheptack was a little late getting his designated octopi out onto the ice, so by the time he threw his, the police were pretty much already on him.

“The police handcuffed Chris and put him in a patrol car. They took him to jail. The bail was $500, and we did not have it. All we had were credit cards and about $150 in cash. The police did not take credit. We weren’t sure what we were going to do.”

Well, as Sully recalled in his own story, the two remaining friends went to the bar where Sully, Serven, and Bingo Bango Jessie were hanging out.  Within an hour, the Detroit fans has raised enough money to bail out their imprisoned compadre.

“We went back to the police station, and talked to Chris. It was just like you see on television. We were on the phone talking through thick glass. He could not believe we had the $500. We bailed him out and went back to the bar. Everyone knew who he was. They were buying us drinks all night long. It was pretty cool. We were treated like kings.”

So once again, the generosity of some Red Wings faithful help a fellow fan out.  What an awesome story.  I told you that Phoenix wasn’t going to be able to keep us out.  They can tackle Sully, they can incarcerate Chris Sheptack, but they can’t keep us out.

Red Wings fans are unlike any others, and I read a story like this and am damn proud to be counted as one of them.

I only hope that the excessive force used by Arena that night doesn’t deter the Detroit fans from acting any differently for tomorrow’s game.  At least you’ll know that if you go to jail, we’ll be waiting with our wallets open to bail you out.