High-Road Hank


So we’ve seen what Rosby had to say about last night, basically that Zetterberg isn’t anything special and he’s lucky to have Lidstrom and Rafalski on his team.  Hank fires back with…class.  As per usual.  Zetterberg isn’t even our captain (yet) and he’s already showing more class and captain-like behavior than #87.  This from NHL.com:

“Just a lot of feeling and a lot of emotion after a game, nothing more.  If it was reversed, I probably would have done the same thing.”–Henrik Zetterberg


…Somehow I doubt Z would cross check a guy four times and then start swinging.  But then again, we’ve never seen anyone dominate Hank the way that he has dominated Crysob (misspelling intentional).

It’s not even the first time that Zetterberg has been the target of Pittsburgh’s frustrations.  Remember back in the closing moments of game 2 of last year’s Finals?  Hank had shut Rosby down completely for two straight games so Evgeni Malkin decided it was up to him to send a message and he attacked Zetterberg for no reason.  Wait…did I say “send a message”?  What I meant to say was ‘have his frustrations get the better of him’…because one is suspendable and the other is not…according to Collie “no backbone” Campbell.

What a satisfying game to watch…and with eight friggin’ defensemen dressed to boot.  Meech and Lebda probably combined for about 3 minutes of ice time as forwards, and just look at how well Detroit played.

It’s awesome, we’ve been waiting for this since…well since the last time Pittsburgh was in Joe Louis. We’re now only two points behind the boys from Denver and are 8-2-1 in our last eleven.