Hey, Jaro…

winged_wheel…we’re coming for you.

Babcock is sick of the opposing goalie being the number one star in Joe Louis Arena.  He’s calling for blood, and blood he shall get.

“In this last while, the goalie’s been first star in this building, (Lindback) and then Quick.  To me, that’s unacceptable for your team to let the other goalie be first star.  So as great as they’re allowed to be, back them in the net, be hard on them, get enough second, third and fourth chances. You can look like the Globetrotters on the outside, but the game’s won on the inside.’’— Mike Babcock

That quote comes from Khan(!).  So I hope Holmstrom straps on the extra heavy Kevlar reinforced pads tonight…because he is going to be all up in Jaroslav Halak’s grill.  I’d expect Bertuzzi to be there as well.  Fifty one shots is good and all, but if they’re not quality shots with a nice big Swedish behind in the crease – we saw what can happen.

holmstromhalakOh and my roll continues…this morning I said that I would have Patrick Eaves in the lineup every single game.  Well here is your new, finalized lineup for the game tonight:



Howard (starting)

Sorry, Drew…Drapes is getting the 4th line call tonight.  Ahem, Patrick…don’t make us all look bad.

I only wish that I could make the Red Wings understand how fun it is to read St. Blues comments after a defeat against Detroit.