Hey Chicago, We’re Gunning for Ya


NOHS regular reader, Ansar Khan(!) just so happened to notice what I noticed earlier today.  That we now find ourselves only 6 points behind our little brothers in Chicago…coincidence?  You make the call.

The difference between Khan(!) and myself; he gets full access to players and staff:

“I’m not worrying about that, just worrying about playing better.  I tell you the same boring stuff every year at this time. We got to get our game ready. For the playoffs, it looks like we’re going to have a shot if we continue to play good, and then we want to be a real good team.”–Mike Babcock


But why shouldn’t be the goal for Detroit to catch Chicago for the Central Division crown?  Chicago is playing like crap right now and we’re on the biggest roll of the season.  Had we have been this healthy (poor Kirk) for the entirety of the 2009-2010 regular season, who knows what the Central would look like right now.

It was supposed to be Chicago’s year…and they were proving everyone right.  Until Detroit found its game, that is.  Now it’s looking like they might limp into the the play-offs and Detroit is coming down the stretch like Charlie Weiss heading for the buffet line.

I’m telling you, we keep this run up and we might be in for a real dandy come the last game of the season…and it would be absolutely mind-blowingly aweseomesauciness if it comes to that game.

In other news, The Namesakes and J-Willz both sat out of practice today.  Helmer apparently has a bruised foot and Williams pulled a muscle of some sorts.

Here’s what The Namesake had to say about his injured foot:


“It was painful, but it wasn’t that bad.  As soon as I took off the skate, it started swelling up and hurting. Just took the day off, make sure I don’t make it any worse. Should be fine tomorrow.”

It happened in the corner early in the first.  He’s a man of few words.  But Nicole, Social Networking Coordinator for the Detroit Red Wings, told me that she and Darren had a discussion about this very site at some point this year.

Nicole: So what do you think about that blog named after you, The Nightmare on Helm Street?

The Namesake: **laughs** Oh, my mother would be so proud.