A few days ago, someone, unprovoked mind you, called me out in advance in finding a poster to use for the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Well, I hope that you weren’t assuming that the Franzen/Nash paint job wasn’t the only thing I was working on in my spare moments today.  Because though this may not be my best work, I think it turned out pretty well:

April 1st: Columbus Blue Jackets @ Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings have been in a state of flux after axing  Rick Nash and the Columbus Blue Jackets during a first round series last year, witnessed by everyone in Ohio. While trying to renew ties with Ohio, who is now quickly losing interest in the all but doomed team, heads begin to roll again. Is Detroit repeating their past?

I could be going to this game…I have a buddy who offered me a ticket, for Saturday’s game too.  But I suppose I’ve gone to a fair share of regular season games (on two different continents) and I need to find a place to get married next June.  So I’m headed out west, sucka.

Enjoy the game tonight…let’s keep this thing rolling.