Happy St. Patty’s Day

The luck of the Irish certainly wasn’t with us yesterday in terms of finding some help in catching the Nashville Predators.

Philadelphia’s back-up turned starter, Michael Leighton suffered a high ankle sprain, which lead to 3rd string Brian Boucher getting in between the pipes for the Flyers.  I have to feel a small kinship towards to Flyers through our common enemy, the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Even though they have Pronger on their team, you can bet your bottom dollar that every man, woman, and child that loves the Flyers will be cheering for Detroit on Monday just as they have the past two Stanley Cup Finals.

Nashville has lost only one game since we defeated them back on March 5th.  They just keep winning and thus, we have to keep winning as well.  Bottom line.

Anyway, Red Wings game tonight means all of you can feel free to celebrate today as you see fit.  The streets of many major US cities will be filled with green-colored vomit by early tomorrow morning.  Me?  I’ll stick with Guinness, but that’s all I usually ever drink anyway.