On July 13, 2009 – one year ago today – I decided to create The Nightmare on Helm Street as a place to talk about the Detroit Red Wings.  Up until that point, I really only checked in on Abel to Yzerman, The Triple Deke, and a few others.  I was a member of “The 19” over at A2Y…who commented frequently on everything that the Chief posted.  Then IwoCPO did his usual disappearing act in the off-season and I got sick of reading the same comments every day, so I decided to start writing for myself.

My first actual post was nothing special…at all – basically it was me bragging about how I was going to go to Sweden for the Stockholm Premiere games.  But I find it funny that the second post EVER under the Nightmare on Helm Street banner, went a little something like this…

No wonder he said that the Hossa signing would have “zero impact on his ability to sign Toews, Kane, and Keith” because the man must have sensed his impending doom as General Manager.

I wonder how much he knew before it happened, there was whispers of Burke’s intentions with the Ducks once he knew he was a “lame Duck GM” (pun intended). Perhaps Tallon made some of these ridiculous deals to handcuff the team that was about to demote him. It made sense for Burke to do it. Why should he want to sign Getslapped and Fairy to long term deals on a team he wouldn’t be managing in the near future? If Tallon gets another job as GM with a different club (doubtful), he could use this as a bargaining chip with some of the RF’s (“remember how much money I gave you, Mr. Versteeg, after your rookie season?”

Switching to theStan (and I’m sure his father is getting more and more control) makes a whole lot of sense. Probably the most sense we’ve seen out of this team yet. Scotty has always had a keen eye for talent, and Stan is a finance guy. They’ll need both set of skills to work there way out of this pile.

I personally can’t hold back my enthusiasm as to the prospective implosion of the whole Chicago franchise. Sit back, grab your popcorn, and let’s see if Scotty and Stan can clean up this mess. Good luck, but not really.

“Bitter: party of 1?” That’s my table.

Nice Microsoft paint skills, eh?  The funny thing is that one year (from tomorrow) later and all that I had predicted has come to pass.  The Chicago franchise is crumbling all around…and so to will the bandwagon next season.

Throughout the rest of July, August, and September, I did my best to post any/all Red Wings news to help combat off-season boredom.  I doubt most of you were yet to stumble upon my little ramblings.  On September 30th, as I was about to embark on my journey across the pond, I decided to pass the torch to Chris, so that he could help me keep what little readers that I had.

My off-season work seemed to have been noticed, as while I was over in Sweden I was contacted by the Bloguin network, home of the infamous Pensblog, to see if I was willing to come aboard.  We hammered out the details and on November 25th, made the switching from Blogger to Bloguin.

Since then, we’ve brought Pointless Previews, movies posters like this…

Comic book heroes/villains like this…


And a plethora of bad humor, Khan(!) updates, and hating on the Chicago Blackhawks.  We were mentioned on Fox Sports (for our name, not quality of work)…


…and talked (briefly) about on 97.1 the Ticket.  We were represented at H2H, one of the most monumental occasions in blogging history (can’t wait for H2H2) and shot the sh*t with other bloggers on The Obstructed View.

It’s been a wild 365 days.  And I thank you all for making it possible.  Keep reading, and we’ll keep posting.

…and above all “Let’s Go Red Wings!”

PS…Helm is god.