Halloween Review

Coagulations, team.  It’s Halloween review time and here’s what I remember of the game.  Firstly, my school just finished playing a really close game against a really terrible opponent, but our Rose Bowl hopes remain alive.  Back to hockey, I’m pretty happy with the effort, we put in good work to get a fairly comfortable win over the second place Nashville Predators.  How weird does that sound?

Thoughts on the game:

First Period:  The team starts out strong and possesses the puck well in the first.  In fact, we possessed the puck well all game, except for that third line.  I still don’t think Mike Modano knows puck-possession hockey, but he’s learning.  But he’s not learning “Shoot First, Ask Later” very well.  We here in Arizona can teach him that.  I should have pulled him aside when I had the chance in Phoenix.  The goal by Datsyuk was typical shooting-gallery-by-the-Flying-Circus type of goal.  We set ourselves up well merely by firing it on net constantly.  Even from behind the goal.  Send it towards the net, good things happen.

Second Period:  I’m pretty well sloshed, wearing my filthy costume, and am very comfortable with a  2-0 lead and Ozzy playing well except for being way out of position when guys try and crash the net only to take it around behind for a wrap-around.  He comes out so far to challenge that he ends up ordering a bowl of Cheli’s Chili from the concourse and somehow makes it back in time to see Brad Stuart clear the crease of the puck and save one that’s on the goal line, headed in.  Then, he thanks Brad Stuart by taking a massive hipcheck from him.  Even though Nashville netted one in the second, I wasn’t too worried based on how well the team was playing overall.  Pavel just looked unstoppable and Henrik had a jump.  Nicky LOVES playing against Nashville too, he can score on them from miles away.  Wings end the period up 3-1 on another Datsyuk goal with this guy Salei making an appearance in the score sheet.

Third Period:  Holmstrom’s powerplay deflection.  Wow.  That’s the goal that epitomizes Homer’s style and goal scoring.  I will always remember him for that effort and that skill, and of course the wonderful results.  By the way, he IS the best in the league, maybe ever, at scoring in that fashion.  No questions about it (unless your name is Eddie Olczyk).  Good to see Eaves on the scoreboard too, but you gotta know you aren’t going to score that many from the 4th line, through the wickets of a goal tender like Pekka Rinne Alfredo (TM TDT), so enjoy it Eaves.  The rest of the game was Mick getting annoyed at the Wings not playing skate to throat, asking them to “get serious, boys.”

I was overall really happy with that effort.  Ozzy didn’t play himself out of my memory, Abby was okay but would have looked much better if Modano would just SHOOT, and all the other lines really challenged and possessed the puck well.

Overall a great Halloween weekend, lots of parties, lots of kids out, lots of movies.  But if you’re thinking about, don’t, whatever you do, do NOT watch the Human Centipede.  And not because it’s gross, but because it’s f***ing retarded.