H2H Headcount


Hey gang,

Exactly one month from now, our buddy Herm and a few of us Red Wing fanatics will be taking over Hockeytown Cafe and a healthy portion of Joe Louis Arena.

This is from the official “Herm to Hockeytown” website.  Most of you I’m sure have visited it already, but it’s worth repeating…

March 26th. It’s a day when dreams come true at Joe Louis Arena. This year, join Wings fans from across the globe in uniting to bring one man, Herm, on the journey of a lifetime: from his native land of Brazil to his spiritual home in Detroit, in Hockeytown, where he’ll watch the game with 100 of his closest Wingnut friends. But that’s not the end of it. No. Now it’s time to turn the dream of one man, Herm, into the dreams of the children and their families at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

For 123 years, parents have traveled from throughout the state of Michigan and beyond to seek care for their sick children from the pediatric specialists at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Your contributions can make dreams a reality for kids at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. That’s because every penny of new money we raise will go directly to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s Child Life Program Fund.

I just wanted to get a quick headcount of how many of NOHS readers will be joining myself, The Future Mrs. Nightmare On Helm Street, Chris, and his lovely girlfriend, Stacy at the game and festivities.

Hell, maybe there’s something (small) I can do for our little following.  I’ve got a month to put it together, so don’t expect anything extravagant…but maybe I can whip something up.

So if you’re headed to H2H, and you read this site, leave a comment saying so.  If you’re going to miss out on all the fun, feel free to tell us ‘why’.