Grade ‘Em: Todd Bertuzzi


Time to start a new off-season segment.

What did you think about Todd Bertuzzi this year?  A lot of people were upset the first time that we brought him in.  Big Bert was a major thorn in Detroit’s side when he was with Vancouver.  After the incident, he was shipped off to Florida where we then traded for him at the deadline.  Bert came to us a changed man with a plethora of injury problems and left shortly after he arrived.  He came back to us in the summer and some people were once again upset about it.  Did he win any hearts this year?  Let’s find out…

My expectations… 15 goals 30 assists 45 points

What we got… 18 goals 26 assists 44 points

Now, what you have to remember is that Todd made exactly HALF of what Pittsburgh is going to be paying Chris friggin’ Letang from here on out.  Bert was also one of few Wings who actually played in all 82 games this year and added 11 more points in 12 play-off games.

At $1.5 million…I think he was worth it and if we can get him for another year at the same price, I say go for it.

I give Todd a solid ‘B’ grade for the year.  Not spectacular, but better than ‘okay’.