Grade ‘Em: Patrick Eaves

Eaves came here with little fanfare, after getting traded and then waived by the ‘powerhouses’ of Carolina and Boston.  So no way he could help the mighty Detroit Red Wings right?

As predicted by many people on the blogosphere, the small forward had a huge impact on the Wings.  He somehow singlehandedly turned around our PK, managing to block everything shot his way.  I daresay that had he not been hurt, you’d be seeing a Original Six match-up in the conference finals.

Just don’t put him in a shootout.  Or do, because hilarity ensures.

The kid was a bit of a streaky scorer, but he can score, which is a a huge plus for a 3rd/4th liner.  He finished the season with the following stats:

GP – 65 G – 12 A – 10 P – 22 PIM – 26 +/- 0

Not incredible stats, but almost exactly what were looking for from him.  Plus they don’t tell the whole story.

Just a note: Dan Cleary had all of 15 points in his first season with the Wings.  The next season, he had 40.  If Eaves is the next Cleary, does that mean we should be looking for 50 from Patty next season?

He’ll come back for probably around $850,000.  He’s our next Maltby and I hope stays with the team for a long time.

Final Grade – B+