Good News: Stuey’s In


From the Detroit News

“He’s OK and he’s going to play.  He had some tests and they came out fine.” –Kenny Holland talking about Brad Stuart

Of course, we don’t know what kinds of tests were done, because we don’t even know what was hurt on Brad in the first place.

Lebda and Meech will be used as the extra forwards…which should make things interesting.  Datsyuk and Zetterberg better be prepared to log a lot of ice time this evening.  Hopefully, Eaves and Cleary will be good to go by Wednesday when the St. Louis Blues roll into town.

At the VERY latest, they better both be back on Friday.  We wouldn’t want Herm coming all the way up here from Brazil to see anything but an ENTIRE team giving it their ENTIRE effort, now would we?

Movie poster is coming soon, and it’s one of a kind.