Go Philly

We’ll get by with a little help from our friends.winged_wheel

Not that the Flyers are our “friends” per say, but they do hate Pittsburgh and they are playing Calgary tonight.  A regulation win for Philadelphia this evening and we’re back in the top eight, still tied in points with the Flames, but having a game in-hand.

Back to things that we can control.  The Mule will be back a week from tomorrow against the Bitter Brittle Blues.  Getting him back will be a relief, but all of you watching Kronwall’s knee twist in the collision with Staal yesterday might just be re-thinking your need to rush him back into the lineup.

And how about Jimmy Howard? He’s currently 4th in the league with a .928 save percentage and seventh (just ahead of Roberto Luongo) with a 2.25 GAA.  Here’s what Babcock told the Free Press

“It’s great, isn’t it? It’s called goaltending.  There’s lots of guys who weren’t $7-million goaltenders, but what they do is they do like that, and they get used to it and the team gets used to them playing like that and they don’t even blink. Then one day they earn that kind of money. So let’s not say $7 million because of the cap world, but let’s hope he keeps playing good and he makes a little more than the league minimum than what he’s getting now.”

Um…yeah, thanks anyway, Babbles.