Getting Ridiculous

So it’s after 2:30 PM out here on the East Side and we haven’t heard one bit of news in regards to the Detroit Red Wings from the Free Press, the Detroit News, or even our friend Khan(!) from mLive. 

This is absolutely pathetic.

There isn’t anything you can tell me about what’s going on out there in or near Anaheim, CA?  Honestly, I wouldn’t care if you only had what the players ate for breakfast.  When you’re a beat writer or claim to be a Red Wings “insider”, wouldn’t you think that just because it’s not even noon where you’re working, that people might still want to know what is going on?

That is what you get paid for isn’t it?  Yes, we beat the Sharks last night.  Yes, Kronwall tweaked something on Cleary’s goal.  Yes, we’re playing another game in less than 8 hours.  I’m sick of seeing the same links to the same stories all day.  The links have gone blue to purple and they’ve been that way all damn day.  Do your jobs or give them to someone who will do it better than you.  We deserve better than what we have.

I’m sorry if this is coming off as petulant b!tchfest, but I try to be patient with these people, especially on road trips to the West Coast, but enough is enough.

Am I out of line here?