Gary’s Team Afraid of Wings

No, the title wasn’t referring to Lil’ Gary Bettman’s favorite team, with his golden boy, Cindy Crysob (or Rosby, since he doesn’t deserve his “C”), the Pittsburgh Penguins, who face Detroit next Monday.

The title was referring to the team that Gary owns, the Phoenix Coyotes.  After the Sushi put up a stinker in Dallas last night, the ‘Yotes are liking their chances of actually catching the Sharks and Hawks down the stretch and securing the #1 seed in the West.  But such a hypothetical epic run would not be without its consequences, according to the “Commissioner” of Bleacher Report


The only concern I have with the Coyotes is if they get the number one seed, they may have to face the Detroit Red Wings, one of the last teams they may wanna face. Although, with Henrik Zetterberg looking a little shaky since they Olympics and the Red Wings coming into the playoffs with a rookie goaltender, I like the Coyotes chances of making some noise in the playoffs.

Zetterberg looking a little shaky since the Olympics, eh?  Whatever you say pal.  You’re a little late to the dance and the tune about Zetterberg’s play changed a long time ago, but thanks for playing.

I suppose that even if Zetterberg has a little shaky play, they wouldn’t have to worry about guys like Datsyuk and Franzen….because ya know, Zetterberg a little shaky = Detroit sucks.

Wait, why are we even talking about this? (Beat ya to it, Garth)  No way Phoenix gets the top spot in the West.  Not.Gonna.Happen.

And if they did, that play-off party would be shorter than San Jose’s President’s Trophy Extravaganza from last season.