Gangster, Death Row Inmate, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Somebody either in an e-mail of through comments on here blamed me for the loss in Game 1 because I didn’t do a pre-game movie poster.  Well, not usually one to cave into peer pressure (yeah right), I’ve decided to give it a try, even though I specifically said that I wouldn’t do any post-season posters.  But if I can help in any way, I will…

This is what we’re looking for tonight…

April 16th: Detroit Red Wings @ Phoenix Coyotes

Redemption tells the story of Justin Abdelkader, founder of the Abby Road street gang. Story follows his fall into the AHL, his return as a Black Ace, and his work during his time spent with the big club earlier this season encouraging grit and determination which earned him multiple Round 1 savior nominations.

Anyone ever done anything like this for you, Shane Doan?  I didn’t think so.