Wings Suck Against Teams that Suck

Update at 8:28 PM: I’m sorry…f’k I should have known better.

Just a couple quick notes on the game day today.

  • Ville is in tonight.  I hope he gets a realistic chance to show us what he’s got.  He’s too talented to not be useful for the Wings this season and in the future.  I hope that Babcock gives him a chance to show it.  His season started off with a lack of luck, but until Tuzzi, he didn’t keep trucking through it.  His play turned lazy and well, that’s not good for anyone.  He’s not that skilled.   I want him on a line that can score.  Otherwise, he’s useless.  Give him a chance to do what he can do.  He did get 9 points last year in 13 games.  I saw him dominate in GR when he wanted to.  I still believe Ville…
  • Ville was supposed to make us forget about Fabian Brunnstrum.  Well, I went to the BJ v. Dallas game this weekend and apparently, Dallas has forgotten about Fabian as well, as he was scratched, even with the multitude of injuries that Dallas has suffered.  If Lieno doesn’t end up working out for the Wings, maybe a Fabian for Lieno trade?
  • Bring back Aaron Downey.  Drop May.  Now.
  • I couldn’t be more of a Howard supporter (to lazy to link to old posts..) but I wish Osgood was playing tonight.  I agree with the idea that right now Jimmy gives us the best chance to win, but he can’t play every game.   This is a perfect game for Osgood to get back in.  
  • The Islanders are a good team, better than I think many people realize.  Hopefully the Wings play like they should tonight, they seem to be suck against bad teams.  I’ve had that feeling for a while, so I finally decided to figure it out myself.  Here’s what a date with Excel and gave me.

So we are a terrible 5-9-2 against non-playoff teams, allowing more than a goal per game as compared when playing playoff teams.  Wow, that’s embarrassing.   Someone’s gotta tell the Wings that the points against playoff teams count the same as they do against some bender Midget A Team like the Avalanche Ducks. And as I type this, the score of the game is already 1-0 Islanders…