Fun With Stats

So again we have to deal with what seems like a month break between games.  So that means a slow news week, once again.  How Drew managed to figure out 10 stories to post each day this summer is beyond me.  Anyways, playing around on this morning, I noticed a few quick things I wanted to point out.

Every team in the Central Division is currently in the playoffs.

Sure, it is only three weeks in, but currently every team in the ol’ Norris currently is in a playoff spot.  When looking at points earned per game, the true measure of how teams are during so far, it still shows every team heading to the Chase.  Our old friend Chicago barely makes the cut here, falling in 8th place in the West.  Remember when I ripped Puck Daddy for jumping on Chicago’s c’#k too early?  Turns out I was right, as they have proceeded to lose three of their next four games.  Hossa hasn’t scored in the past three games and,even with Sharp continuing to be on a roll, Chicago’s offense has stalled.  Amazingly, the Preds lead the league in points earned per game, followed closely by Detroit in second, with the Bitter Blues amazingly tagging along in fourth.

Every team in the Northwest Division is outside the playoffs right now.

I’d root for them as my #2 team if they still wore these jerseys.

Remember how everyone in the country picked the Canucks to win or at least contend for the Cup?   Currently they sit outside the playoffs in 9th spot.  Looking at points earned per game, only Calgary would make it in at this moment.  The Canucks are in 13th in the West in points earned per game.  “Playoffs?  Playoffs?  You’re talking about playoffs?”

Once again, the West is dominating the East early on.


Looking again at points earned per game, the top five teams are teams from the West, with our boy Yzerman leading the East.  The Eastern Conference is the “Leastern Conference” once again.

Nick Lidstrom is getting younger.


Nick Lidstrom is again having an amazing year at age 42 (thanks Larry Murphy) age 40.  He’s second in the league with 8 points in 7 games, trailing only “the Magnificent John-Micheal Liles” (credit to the old Divealance website).  Right now, the other usual Norris contenders aren’t even on the same page as Nick (literally, as in the first page of the NHL defensive stats page and I’m too lazy to click next. Puns are funny.)

The Wings have the second best offense in the NHL.


Doesn’t it seem like the Wings offense isn’t clicking yet?  While the second is motoring right along with the (our) ‘Tuzzi leading the way, the first line hasn’t been consistant and the third has been more pathetic than Brett Favre’s game with the ladies (seriously, have you heard those voicemails?).  Yet they sit at 3.29 goals per game, only behind Tampa.  If the third gets going and Rafalski comes back, the league better watch out.

The Wings PK is at 91%.

Wow.  I just didn’t realize how dominate they’ve been.  So yeah.  Wow.

Our PP has scored in each of their last five games.

Yeah, I just remember this stat from the game on Saturday.  I have nothing to add.