Frickin’ Franzen


The Mule is back.  In front of Herm, and many of The 19, he put up a four point night on Saturday against Pinky’s Wild…and it was a thing of beauty.  What a heroic return from what could have been a season-ending injury way back in October when he injured his ACL against the Blackhawks.

According to, the Red Wings are 12-4-3 this season with Franzen in the lineup.  That’s a 63% winning percentage and a 78% “we get at least one point” percentage when #93 laces them up.

That could mean, that if we had Franzen all along, in 82 games this year, we could have finished the 82 game season with a 52-17-13 record.  That’s 117 points is likely, going to be enough such that we would have earned top spot in the Western Conference.

Franzen has 9 goals and 6 assists in 20 games played (which doesn’t add up if you look at the record provided by  But what that means is that he’s scoring a goal in 45% of the games that he plays in and adding an assist in 30% of the games.  So, again theoretically, in a normal 82 game season, Franzen should haveaccumulated 37 goals and 25 assists for a total of 62 points.  That would likely put him in 3rd on the team behind Zetterberg and Datsyuk.

Regardless of all the “woulda, coulda, shoulda”‘s that are…it’s nice to have him back and producing as usual.