Franzen/Holmstrom Olympic Debate

The word getting around is that Holmstrom may have to miss the Olympics with his banged-up knee.  There is also word that Franzen (with his banged-up knee) might be Holmer’s replacement…

So which would you rather have playing in the Olympics?


If Holmstrom has a bruised/sprained/whatever kind of problem with his knee, then it’s only going to get better with time.  So why put yourself at risk of making it worse?  If Holmer plans on playing his game (gritty, in front of the blue paint), he puts himself at an increased risk of getting hurt again (obviously).  If Sweden’s strategy is to use him in any different manner, then why bother using him at all?  That’d be like Yzerman telling Crosby to toughen up and be the enforcer (groins, beware!)

And Franzen just needs to chill.  Seriously, dude.  You’re already pushing it by coming back so soon.  We were all so pleased when you told Team Sweden that you were coming back for the Wings, and not for them.  Don’t let them guilt you into putting yourself and our big play-off push at risk.

Let’s be smart here.