Feel the Wrath in JLA

Tagline was originally “Feel the wrath in IMAX”, but since that’s obviously not an option, I altered it to suit my needs…just like the poster itself.  I don’t care if he isn’t playing today, I still say that…

April 20th: Phoenix Coyotes @ Detroit Red Wings


When the idiotic Commisioner Bettman of The Lollipop Guild invades Detroit with about two Phoenix fans to extend his vast empire of hockey in non-traditional markets, the brave King Lidas brings his personal body guard army composed of three hundred warriors to defend the passage of Hockeytown, the only way by land to reach The Stanley Cup. Using courage and the great battle skill of his men, he defends Hockeytown until a treacherous Greek citizen tells Gary Bettman about a secret Duck method leading to checks to the back of Lidas’s army. Meanwhile, the rest of Hockeytown across the globe try to convince the entire team to play like they did in March to fight against the Puppy Dogs.