I Fear the Trend

Babcock may be pissed, but I still maintain I’m pissed-er.

“We did some good things…”

“The puck went in the net for them.”

“Our game tonight was better than the other night.”

Wait, that’s it?  I want anger!  Get furious Babbles, the Power Play is impotent, goal tending bad and timing off.  And we’re on a losing streak now…

Last night’s abhorrent performance saw the Wings get defiled by Dallas on the road in their home opener; Mike Modano’s return to Dallas, in which he played miserably and…worst yet…was applauded honourably by the fans of Dallas who remember him.

This suckfest comes at a time that worries me simply because of the fact that I’m going to present next game, in Phoenix.  Franzen seems like he’ll be back, but will they play better?  I’ve seen a different team each of the four games this season, and all I can hope for is that I get to see the one that played Anaheim come into Jobing.com arena tomorrow night.