Favorable Stats Usually Spell Doom

If the Miami Herald is trying to jinx Detroit, I think they’re doing a good job…winged_wheel

Since the start of the 2006-07 campaign, the Red Wings have gone 13-1-1 against Phoenix and won all seven games held in Detroit over that time period. The Coyotes’ last triumph in Joe Louis Arena came on March 7, 2006.

Detroit has been playing slump-breaker all season long.  It seems as if every time we run into a struggling team, they explode for 5 or 6 goals.  We’ve made back-ups like Scott Clemenson and Alex Auld look spectacular.  We’ve given hope to the likes of LA and Colorado by laying down in front of them.

Well now is the time to STOP.  As Voox so eliquently put it over at A2Y, the Cup is for closers.

We needed to put the kids from Los Angeles over our knee and give them a good spanking…it even looked like we were going to do so for the first 10 minutes.  Then we let the little brat hop off of the chair, run to our closet, open the lock box and blow our brains out with the gun they practiced using so many times play Halo online.

Well, not tonight.  Not tonight.  It’s time to get Les Grossman on these puppy dogs. 

“What you gotta do is pull down their pants and spank their ass, you spank it.”

You did it front of many of your fans in the desert.  You NEED to do it again tonight.  A win tonight could possibly pull us back within one point of LA and Nashville.  A win tonight could possibly have us three points out of 5th place.

The Western Conference keeps giving us these opportunities.  These young, upstart teams like LA and Phoenix are practically begging us to step over them in the standings and take our rightful place.  We need to STOP passing up these chances to make waves.

You want that G5?  How about TiVo?  You’re going to have to earn it.