Everyone take a moment to laugh at Chicago

From over at Puck Daddy, just a little proof that Chicago is full of some of the most worthless people of all time…but man is it hilarous. (Click the picture to go to the cached page, it’s worth your time.



Actual “quote” from the article:

“Gentleman!” wrote Wellwood on Facebook. “That time of the year again. Deep Dish Crawl 2010 in the hizzouse!! Lets doing it right this time [sic], one slice per place MAX, looking at you Marty LOL!”

The comments came pouring in.

“Oh whatever,” replied goalie Martin Brodeur. “Not my fault we got stuck at Papa John’s for 2 hours, I can still eat you under the table.”

Chicago, you never fail to impress.

On another note…


Let’s Go Red Wings