Ever Seen a Hit Before?

Just thumbing through the Free Press’s photos from Wednesday night’s game.  Boy, those Phoenix fans sure are knowledgeable.


Someone tell the guy second from the left in the first row that the faux hawks belong in Washington with Mike Green…tool.  And oh, is that Doan yanking on Helm’s shoulder…didn’t know that was allowed.  I’m pretty sure that’s a Lidstrom jersey being worn by the guy just about the tool.  He must be getting a kick out being surrounded by idiots.

The girl in black probably never saw this hit coming.  I think she was in the middle of a text message to the girl on the far right who isn’t even watching the game.  “Oh my God, can he do that?”  Actually, he can’t, sweety.  This was Doan’s charging penalty…one of many that should have been called.

And just because I wanted to write a caption for this pic…see if you can beat mine:


“Hmmm…nice cleavage.”