Euro Twins Have Their Groove Back

In only 28 games played this season, Pavel Datsyuk has already accumulated 36 points.  Henrik Zetterberg is only 7 points off pace with 29.  Both are scoring at >1 point per game rate.  And we’re digging it.  As usual, Khan(!) must have read my Sunday post and wrote his own “back on track” article.  Of course, the difference between he and I is that he has credentials and gets actual quotes from players where I just steal quotes that he gets.

“The thing with them is they can be flashy or they can be ugly, grind pucks around and all the sudden the puck snaps out in front of the net.  (Datsyuk) is not a typical forward that’s all flash. He can muck it up, get dirty in the corners and then make plays off that. That’s what makes him the complete player he is.’’— Chris Osgood

It’s well documented that Pavel Datsyuk wants nothing to do with the Lady Byng this year…


…just ask Corey Perry.

Zetterberg isn’t one to shy away when the going gets tough either…even when he gets jumped for no reason in the last minute of a game which warrants an automatic suspension (which doesn’t get administered).

But the Euro Twins are playing like they did back in 2008 when they pretty much dominated the league.  The depth that we were so longing for last season is allowing these two to play together and their dangerous supporting cast is keeping them from lining up against the oppositions’ best shift after shift.

But of course, Mike Babcock still wants their “compete level” to improve:

“At times they’ve been real dominant and other times they’ve been OK.  They haven’t seemed to get it going on the power play together for whatever reason. I don’t know the answer to that, but they’re real good players, they like playing together. We count on those guys each and every night.’’— Mike Babcock

The Wings play the Kings tonight at the Joe.  My gut says Howie starts and Hudler will be in the lineup.  Don’t give up on little Happy yet.  The season is long.