Ducks: More of the Same in 2010-2011

Get ready folks. Here come the elbows. Here come the cross checks, the untimely hits away from the puck, after the whistle and unnecessary jabs at the goalie when he’s trying to freeze play. Yep, you guessed it. Anaheim is coming to town. And don’t think they’ve cleaned up their act just because they’ve named a new captain.

“You don’t become the captain and then change what you’re doing,” [Getzlaf] said. “It’s like becoming the president and changing everything that you campaigned about.”

Pulled that gem from their official blog, written by some official blogger out there in the Anaheim blogosphere. Probably wears a suit and drives a BMW. Anyway, a much more renowned source of information than me, I’m just relaying two things here:

First: Getzlaf follows politics in the United States. He and I officially have nothing in common. I hope he gets punched in the soul patch.

Second: The Ducks’ identity has not changed, and likely will not with the new captain unless they go winless in their first 20. Otherwise, expect the same ole same ole from this team.

Even without distinguished physicist Chris Pronger backing them, or that one Niedermayer brother that left (I don’t bother differentiating between the two because they’re both worthless piles of crap to me) this team still scares me. No, not because they can beat us any given night. Because of the way they play. I fear for the health of our stars when we play this team and I have good reason to. Holmstrom being concussed from a Pronger elbow. Hudler with a nasty face wound when Brown floored him in the playoffs 2 years ago. Taking a run at Nick Lidstrom. Action after the whistle. It’s all very entertaining for Ducks fans but I’d rather see my team play between the whistles because that’s our style.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen again…