Don’t Get Down, Y’all

Look, it was a tough loss. But when was the last time you saw Datsyuk, Eff that, any hockey player juggle the puck in the offensive zone to confuse the defence (it worked, by the way)? It was a great start by the Wings, a very aggressive start with great play, great defense and every one clicking.

Sadly, it went into the dumpster faster than an unwanted baby in Calgary (okay, fine, it could have happened anywhere. This was just the most recent incident according to my crack-team of google(TM) researchers) after the first period. Just a loss of confidence, a loss of spark and a loss of swagger resulted in our first consecutive loss (Oh my!) and first at the Joe in as many games (and that’s not hyperbole, folks).

Plus Jumbo Joe Jawbreaker-on-a-faceoff had like 18 fantasy points for me. Ditto for Logan Cutchwyure, or however you say it.

I’d just like you all to look at the brightside: At least we didn’t nearly cancel it because of a power failure. And of course we lost, it was on Versus. And Edzo (no, not the Jersey Shore castoff, the one from Chicago that got fired as an NHL coach) was loving every minute of it. Well let him, I say. He epitomizes what it means to be a public hockey figure who not-so-discreetly hates the Wings. And this game means nothing to us.

I’ll end with a quote from thee ole’ fired-coach: “Teams get up to play their best hockey in games like this against Detroit.” Good, it’s only December 6th. Keep it coming through June, my pretties (provided you make it through).