Doing What It Takes


From the Free Press:

“It didn’t faze me.  You don’t think. You just react. I would’ve stopped it with my face if I had to.”–Jimmy Howard

Do you believe him?  I do.  I said yesterday that Jimmy needed a “rebound game”.  Tyler from The Triple Deke thought that it was a poor choice of words.  I must respectfully disagree (in hindsight).   I believe that Jimmy would have done absolutely anything in that game last night to ensure a win.  He did what he had to do.

I was watching the game with someone last night who said “Ozzie was great for us in the past.”  I say that Ozzie is STILL being great for us, in that he is the perfect mentor for Howard as a young starter.  Perhaps he’s not the one you want teaching Howard how to stop a wrist shot blocker side, but as far as being strong mentally, there’s no better.

“He’s got the mind-set required for this job, especially in this town.  There wasn’t any need for anybody to talk with him to try and build him back up because he never let himself get down. He had already erased the past game from his mind.”–Chris Osgood

Jimmy will be ready on Friday.

“Just because I got the shutout it could be a whole different game on Friday. I’ve got to enjoy this for the time being. But just like I did Sunday, I’ve got to forget about this.”–Jimmy Howard


“I don’t need no s-s-s-s-stinking mask!”