Do The Goaltender Shuffle

So we finally have a capable verison of Chris Osgood as our back-up, but Babbles has decided to stick with our boy Howard for the game tomorrow against the Blackhawks and will go to Ozzie this weekend against the Stars. 

Howard’s been playing a ton lately, so why wait till the Stars to go with Osgood?  Simple, he wants Osgood to have a chance at #400 at home.  Babcock appeared on Jim Rome today to explain the decision:

“I was going to go with him in Chicago (on Friday), but the players came to me, and they want him to get his first shot at it at home,” Babcock said. “So I’m going to go with Jimmy Howard tomorrow, and I’m going to go with Osgood on Sunday at home in front of the fans, in front of his family.

Good for him.  As a goalie though, that’s just a little extra pressure and another thing to think about.  You always want to play the next game.  But still, winning #400 is a big deal.  Having your family there for it would probably be more special. 

Babbles agrees:

Babcock, who said he actually thought the milestone might have been easier on the road, admitted he might not have listened to the players when he was a younger coach, but he has mellowed since coming to Detroit.

“I also think it’s important to treat people right,” Babcock said. “And I’ve learned over the years — especially with this group, we’ve got a mature group — when your captain talks to you, I think you should listen.”