Diving on the Rise

From FSD.com:

“Embellishment has been on the rise.  We have to monitor it and be aware of it.”–Terry Gregson, NHL Senior Vice President and Director of Officiating

Gregson met and spoke with Kevin Pollock and Brad Watson after Game 2…but he had no real complaints about how the game was called.

“They set a tight standard early on and they kept to that standard the rest of the game.”

So you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t find much comfort in this guy saying that he will monitor and be aware of embellishing like Setoguchi and Nabakov have been doing.  I’m pretty sure they were aware of it going on in the first two games…they just didn’t call it.


‘They set a tight standard (with Detroit) early on kept to that standard (against Detroit) the rest of the game’ should have been the quote.

Who here thinks that the first “unsportsmanlike conduct” penalty will be called against Detroit?  My gut says San Jose will trip or hook Datsyuk, he’ll fall, then the ref will call both the penalty on the Shark and diving on Datsyuk and we’ll play 4-4.  He’ll announce the penalty (if the mic works) with a certain “be careful what you wish for” tone of voice.