Diggers All Agree: Danny Cleary on Fire

Typical Detroit Diggers, nothing going on, so what to write?  How about the exact same article as the others: Danny Cleary’s goal scoring streak.  Here’s Khan, leading off.

“When you get in position to shoot, all you’re thinking is shot, you’re not thinking pass,” Cleary said. “That’s how I’m feeling now. I’m getting good passes from good players. Our line’s going fine.”

Cleary has scored at least one goal in five consecutive games and is tied for the team lead with Johan Franzen (seven). Cleary has a seven-game points streak (six goals, four assists), equaling the longest of his career.

Not to be outdone by mediocrity, Ted Kuflan gives us more of the same:

“I like Danny or Daniel,” Cleary said on the Wings’ recent trip in Canada, though he admits it’s not a big deal.

“You can call me whatever you want,” he said.

By any name, Cleary has been on quite a roll lately.

Stunning stuff Kuflan. 

Other notes include Draper skating again.  St. James also notes that Holland is near 600 wins for a GM. 

Told it would take another eight seasons of 50 wins a season to reach 1,000, Holland laughed and said: “That sounds like a nice plan.

I would certainly take another 8 years of the greatest GM in the history of the game.