Detroit vs. Minnesota – The Return of the Pinky

Lebda sucks. (Check out #likealebda on Twitter). 

Note: Lidstrom for Hart 2011, tell your friends.

According to Ted Kuflan, here’s tonight lines, same as the ones that won the game for us in the second half of Wednesday’s game.


If that isn’t a stacked first line, I don’t know what is. 

I love the second line (who couldn’t right now).  Bertuzzi has been consistently a force on the ice.  And nothing needs to be said about Cleary, the team’s leading goal scorer.  And hell, for as much sh!t as we’ve given him, Modano’s been playing well lately too. 

Defense is the same and Howard get another start tonight.  Sorry Joey Mac.

Other Notes:

  • Looks like Osgood will be back next week.
  • Speaking of Modano, he’s got 5 points in his last six games.  He’s also a plus six in those games.  Not bad for a “washed-up relic” of version of Mike Modano that people had written off after the first two weeks of the season. 
  • More Modano:  This is his first game as a Wing playing against Minnesota, his old-old team.  Not quite Dallas, but still somewhat of a homecoming.  Think there will be boos? Cheers? Nothing?
  • Did you know that Detroit has not played a single Eastern conference team yet?  
  • The Mule has only 3 points in his last six games.  Johan and his vampire teeth needs to find that second gear that he has, but isn’t always running in.
  • Todd Bertuzzi is a PLUS 13.  Second best on the team is Stewy at +9.  
  • Until last game, Lidstrom had an 11 game point streak, scoring 14 in that time.

The enemy blog of choice tonight is Pinky’s Hockey Wilderness.  They don’t like themselves some Wings, but it isn’t anything like the hate spewed by the bitter, oh so bitter Blues fans.  Pinky, decided yesterday that it was Garth Snow’s fault that the Islanders are like 30 million below the salary cap and losing, because it obviously is Snow’s money the NYI are spending. As always, genius.  You’ve really earned those credentials as Home Depot Stocker a journalist.

Game time is 7:30 on FSD. 

Go Wings!