Defining and Redefining Class

Via Mike Serven:

Jen emailed me a few days ago letting me know that the Red Wings, as part of their Breast Cancer Awareness Night had invited her to watch the morning practice at JLA today.”

Not too long ago I had a bout with a co-worker, a Colorado Avalanches former-fan-turned-post-lockout-hockey-know-nothing-claiming-victim-of-the-salary-cap, about why the Detroit Red Wings were the greatest Franchise in all of sports. When it comes to us, the fans of this team, I know I don’t need to put it in words. Because their actions speak much, much louder than our words every could. From their love and commitment to fallen heroes like Vladdy and Jiri Fischer to their honouring of relentless, loyal veterans like Malts and Stevie Y, capped off with the number one reason why the fans love them so much:

Because they love the fans in return.

Anyone watching last night’s game (or in attendance) saw the tribute to The Orange Hat Guy, Kenneth Rucker, famed Red Wings loyalist and fanatical follower. “From now on this season,” Ken Daniels said on the FSD telecast, “that seat will remain orange and unattended in memory of Kenneth Rucker.” Amazing.

But their actions never end, and never cease to bring pride to their loyal fans. This story turned me on to another such example of what it means to be a Detroit Red Wings fan.

Class doesn’t even begin to describe this Franchise. Read it and enjoy, and if you happen to be any less heartless than the man writing this article, take a minute or as long as you’d like to appreciate all this organ-I-zation does to reach out to those who keep it moving and reward us with so many reasons to continue our unquestioning love and fanaticism.