Damon Likes Detroit

I was perfectly content not liking Johnny Damon.  I was never a fan of the Red Sox, and obviously liked him even less when donned the pin stripes of the Yankees.  To make matters worse, an old college roommate was absolutely obsessed with the guy.  And not just a roommate, but one of those fans who just simply roots for winners.  Oh, and he has two favorite teams for everything…college basketball he likes Kentucky and Gonzaga, in college hockey he likes Maine and U of M, and so on and so forth.

Needless to say, I rooted for whatever team was playing his favorite at the time which grew into a blind hatred of Johnny Damon.  Well…that’s all over now, thanks to the Free Press:


Damon has rooted for the Red Wings for years. He started doing so because of how much he likes Yzerman.

“When he and I go to a Greek restaurant, he always orders octopus,”—Scott Boras, Damon’s agent.

The agent went on about Damon’s desire to come to the Motor City…

“Johnny came to me about Detroit.  He told me, ‘If I can’t play for the Yankees, I want you to let the Tigers know I want to play for them. I can make that team a winner.’ “

Alright, Johnny…make it happen and no hard feelings, okay?  I can’t hate anyone who respects Yzerman and wants to help make my city feel like a winner again.