Curly Norris

Nick Lidstrom (also the subject of my Saturday post this week) has well earned the reputation of the Perfect Human. Let no man question that. In case anyone needs any further evidence as to why exactly he is called this, let’s look at Wednesday night’s game. No, I’m not talking about the hat trick, I’m talking about the vicious cross-check David Backes delivered to Tomas Holmstrom.

The video doesn’t cover all of it but later on our Glorious Captain skates over to have a word with Barret Jackman Auctions to say his piece. Now Mickey Redmond paraphrased what he thought Nick “probably” said, which was something along the lines of “that’s a bonehead play and you guys know better.” Hockeytown Todd at A2Y called for an Attitude adjustment, and felt immediate retrobution in the form of physical retaliation was the key to not letting that happen again.

From the A2Y LB:

“I’m still pissed the Wings have no Attitude.

Backes shoud be in a cast, sling or the hospital.”

Violence, he figures, is our only deterrent.

Well kids, Captain Nick “Ole’ Hat Trick” Lidstrom don’t roll that way. No sir, Curly Norris himself had a talk with Blose alternate captain Jackin’ to say something indubitably crafty and eloquent. My only guess is that it went something like this:

Nick: “Err…excuse me! Excuse me, good sir!”

BJ: [No sh*t those are his REAL initials!] “What! What!”

Nick: “Good sir, the closest the thing to a leader anyone in St. Lose has ever had. I’d like to comment upon the act of unforeseen and, no-doubt, unprovoked physical violence your cohort has just enacted against my teammate and Swedish brethren.”

BJ: “What are you saying, man?”

Nick: “That you, the opposition in our sport and under our roof, shall refrain from all matters unrelated to the ice hockey henceforth.”

BJ: “Look, man, you’re talking about the Backes hit. Okay, it was brutal. But I can’t really understand what you’re saying. It’s too – ”

Nick: “I understand completely. My Swedish accent is thick and burly, and my English…is terrible. But if it can be amicably communicated between fellow athletes that this act will not go unpunished, then please carry the message on back to your bench. Now, prepare yourselves for the ferocity of my slapshot and the tenacity of Dan Cleary! Ahoy!”