Confident? Really? You Are?


From USA Today:

Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom says he is confident Detroit will be in the playoffs next month.

Seems a little contradictory compared to what was being said in the Free Press earlier today:

We know we’re right on the bubble.  Playing like this, we’re not going to be in the playoffs.”–Nick Lidstrom

I was excited to click on a link entitled: “Red Wings confident as they push for play-offs” only to read the top excerpt from above with no actual quote from Lidstrom.

So…are they, or aren’t they?  You might want to check your sources, USA Today.  I know that the fans sure aren’t all that confident.  People far less die-hard than myself were vocal about being relieved to take a break from the stress of following the Red Wings during the Olympic Break.

I’m sure many a TVs were switched off last night at or around the 5th and 6th goals scored by the Vancouver Canucks.  Call me a glutton for punishment, but I like to ride it out.

I watched the entire Pittsburgh celebration on the JLA ice last summer.  I watched the Canadian man-love after the Gold Medal game last Sunday.  I stick with my team to the bitter end.  Am I confident that they will make the play-offs?  Yes.  I have to be.

Sure, I worry about it when they put up stinkers like last night’s contest.  But I still have faith.  I have to.

There’s just no choice in it for me anymore.