Come Back, Pinky!

Out of Friday boredom, I decided to wander back over into the Hockey Wilderness to see if our boy, Pinky was up to no good again.  I was extremely disappointed in what I found…not in his writing, mind you, it’s as lame as ever.  But just look at his new profile pic:

No Judge Smails hat?  No MGD deuce-deuce?  And he has his hands at his side?  That’s just straight bunk.  I can’t for the life of me think of any reason why someone would want to change this…


…as their photographic window to the internet world.  So he donned the shades, a baseball cap and went fishing.  But don’t worry, the true Pinky will never be forgotten.  And since you’re busy playing with your pole, let us handle the MGD…


There ya go.