Sounds Like Cleary’s OK

From the Free Press yesterday, Ken Holland received a message from Tony Colucci (because honestly – I don’t even know if Ken Holland knows what the inside of Ken Holland’s office looks like)  Here’s what Kenny had to say:

“Dr. Colucci pulled Cleary from the game as a precaution. I don’t think it’s anything significant.”— Ken Holland

Apparently, Cleary banged his shoulder and the side of his head and was feeling a little fuzzy.  That fuzziness was enough to keep one of our hottest scorers out of the lineup in a game we were trailing…but apparently it’s nothing we should be worried about.  I, personally, will stop worrying when I see Cleary take to the ice in Detroit’s next game.

And, as Chris pointed out yesterday, Modano skated gingerly off the ice during OT against Calgary, but we all saw him out there moments later celebrating with his teammates.

“He left early after he got caught in a funny position in overtime. He got squashed by two Calgary guys and went off the ice. But he’s OK.”— Ken Holland

I think I speak for all of us when I say that Dr. Colucci deserves a year free from strenuous work after last season – along with all of our nerves.  Get well soon, Danny.

The Wings don’t play again until Friday – which is good for two reasons:

  1. Danny and Modano both have an extra couple days to recover
  2. Friday’s game should help wash out the bad taste in my mouth from what I am assuming will be another Lions pounding on national TV on Thanksgiving (I go to the game every year).

Safe travels to all of you beginning your journey home to family or wherever you go – and be sure to donkey punch any of those d-bags who try to participate in “National Opt-Out Day”.  If you don’t want people touching your junk…you’re an idiot.