Cleary Back with a Vengance

From the Free Press this morning…

“It doesn’t even look like he’s lost anything.  He was flying out there again. He really picked that top corner there. He’s got a heck of a shot, and he definitely used it to his advantage.”–Jimmy Howard on Cleary’s goal vs San Jose on Saturday.

Later on in the game, San Jose punk Devon Setoguchi decided that it would certainly help his chances of winning a fight if he picked it with someone who had a separated shoulder.  He was wrong.  Setoguchi didn’t land one decent punch as Cleary just held on and eventually tossed the little minnow to the ice.

“I was a little nervous, so I just wanted to make sure I didn’t do any damage to it.  I ran him into the net and then he got upset. It was a late hit. He wasn’t happy.”–Dan Cleary

Cleary has two goals in his first two games back.  He was off to a pretty slow start this year so here’s hoping that this run will continue and Cleary will get back to his old productive ways.  Cleary remains optimistic…

“The shoulder felt real good.  I’m not hesitant, that’s the one thing I’m glad about — I can go to the areas that I have to go to.  I wanted to do better than I did last year, at least in the regular season,” he said. “Hopefully the offense stays and I can play a good complete game.”