In the city of Chicago, class is thrown around like manhole covers.  It’s the whole reason that I hate Chicago in the first place.  Their fans will cussed out, spit at, and threaten and Detroitfan brave enough to wear their team apparel to any sporting event in that city.  Their players beat up cab drivers.  And now their papers publish stuff like this:

Chrissy Pronger: Looks like Tarzan, skates like Jane

That’s from the Chicago Tribune.  Can you imagine the Free Press or the Detroit News running something like this?  No?  That’s because they have integrity…just like our team…just like our fans.  Chicago?  They don’t have it.  They don’t have a tradition of winning, therefore they have no real dedicated time-established fan base, therefore they have no identity.  As such, their only way of rallying their fickle fan base to arms is to use shock value to try and inspire the low-brow masses of that city.

Know who’s not amused by that poster?  Um…probably a number of people – one of which was US Olympic hockey player Angela Ruggerio:

“I’d like to see that editor out on skates. I’ll take them one-on-one on the ice any day.  “They obviously have never seen women’s hockey and are living in the dark ages.  Some people are still ignorant.  Our sport doesn’t get a lot of exposure, so you have to see us play in the world championships or the Olympics to see what the highest caliber of women’s hockey is.  Obviously, it’s offensive. It’s disappointing more than anything.”

That’s from the Detroit News who, to my knowledge, has never photo shopped a professional athlete onto a pair of woman’s legs before.

I know that most of this discussion went on yesterday, but I wanted to wait until game day to talk about this.  How can a “legit” newspaper look at something that looks like something you would find on here (an amateur, far from professional blog) made in Microsoft Paint and say “Dude, run with it!”?  In the politically correct-obsessed society that we live in, how could they possibly think running that poster would be a good idea?

They knew better.  They did it anyway.  And do you know why?  Because they are absolutely desperate to be taken seriously as a fan base.  The Cubs are the MLB’s biggest joke, their beloved Bears have fallen into the obscurity of mediocrity and just a few short years ago the Blackhawks were nearly DEAD LAST in attendance.

I’m not offended by the poster…I just think it’s ridiculous.  I know the guys over at Pensblog are kicking themselves for not doing something like that earlier.

In the battle of the “worst fans in hockey”, I think Chicago just dealt a death blow to Philly.  Say what you want about Flyer fans, but at least they don’t resort to the media to do their smack-talking for them.

Chicago = Classless