Chicago Lows are Reaching New Heights

Puck Daddy just keeps giving me more ammunition.  In his on-going “Jersey Foul” series, Greg received the following entry which I now pass on to you…

So this mook would rather broadcast his inferiority complex than support a player on his team to all those lucky enough not to see him from the front.  Got it.

Also, Greg from PD added the following to his article:

We mentioned this on Twitter yesterday, and will repeat it here: There were “Detroit Sucks” chants from the Chicago Blackhawks fans watching the Cup skate at Wachovia Center.

What else is there to say?  Even when they win the Cup, they think of us…is there any bigger compliment for the Detroit Red Wings?

We bathe in your hate, Chicago.  Enjoy your parade.  Enjoy your summer with Stanley…it goes by quick, and I’m guessing a few guys will be sharing their day with the Cup with a new contract elsewhere.