Chicago Hates Chris Pronger

And the beat goes on..check out what Puck Daddy found in the locker room during Chicago’s celebration with the Cup:

Notice the lower-right corner is a blown up section of the white board.

Now, talking smack on the white board in your locker room is all well and good…but somebody probably should have cleaned that up before the media got in there.  Unless they did after the game, which would just be stupid.  Is anything going to come of this?  No.  Should anything come of this?  No.

Turns out, that Chicago really, really doesn’t like Chris Pronger.  But instead of showing respect for an adversary like Detroit has done for years…we get guys like Adam Burrish who said:

“I think Chris Pronger is the biggest idiot in the league. I can’t stand the guy one bit. I hope I never get to see him again. And if I see him again, I may have to punch him.”

And in regards to the Chrissy Pronger poster, Burrish quipped after Game 6:

“That’s perfect. He should have worn that out here tonight. He was terrible.”

This coming from a guy who was a healthy scratch…hmmm.