Chicago Turns On Chelios – Ignore Kopecky

In a move that is simply standard procedure from Drew’s new locale, Chicago sportswriter Dan McNeil said that he simply won’t honor Chris Chelios‘ time with the Hawks? Why? Because he was traded to the Red Wings and apparently didn’t respond by quitting the game immediately. 

Dan decided to give a few good reasons why Chelios left, and they are all true

He went back on his word. Big deal. Chelios wasn’t the first and won’t be the last player to swap loyalty for legal tender and spoils. The fact is, he joined a club that was managed more professionally.

The Hawks were on their journey to anonymity, while at Joe Louis Arena they were hanging fresh banners almost every year.

If winning championships is priority for an athlete — Cheli copped his first with the Canadiens in 1986 — he should be applauded.  But because of that, he’s a former Red Wing.

And that apparently totally voids the 9 years he gave to the Hawks. Probably his nine best years.  Classy call Dan.

Now mind you, this writer is exactly like every other bandwagoner in Chicago-only around for the celebrations and the controversies.  His last post on the NHL? June.  His knowledge of Eric Daze?  Zilch.  (The bandwagon test for Hawks fans.)  So he might not be a good indication of the average Hawks feelings on Cheli.

Yet, somehow, I think he might actually be a perfect representation of today”s “Hawks” fans.  If I’m right, then expect to hear Hawks fans booing one of the greatest Blackhawks in team history. 

In one final, hilarious point, Dan starts his piece with: The only former Red Wing I want to see return to the United Center anytime soon is Marian Hossa. So apparently he either hates former Wing Tomas Kopecky or Wings fans were right that Kopecky is the most forgettable player in history.  

And it makes me smile that he’s still a top liner for the Hawks.  

Damn it feels good to be a Wings fan.