Cap Stretched Tight


Well folks, Mo2Motown is all but a done deal and when Mikey Mo signs on the dotted line, Holland’s focus MUST shift to getting Abdelkader and Helm locked up at least through this season…

$900,000 apiece sound fair to everyone?  Abdelkader was making $850,000 last season, and I don’t believe he has done enough to deserve a significant raise.  Helm on the other hand was making under $600K, and deserves a raise…but going north of a million?  He’s probably not quite there yet.  So I would think that Kenny would sit them both down with a plate of cookies and a pitcher of milk and say, “how’s about we pay you both $900K, and we’ll see what happens this year?”

So here’s the deal…

  • We can’t send Ritola down to Grand Rapids without him clearing waivers…something that is completely unlikely to happen.  Red Wings castaways are at a premium in the market right now (thank you very much, Kyle Quincey & Ville Leino). 
  • Draper isn’t going anywhere so we have to keep his salary on board.
  • Meech will probably be kept around the big club as well.  I’m having trouble finding if his contract was a one or two-way deal – but let’s assume he starts in Detroit, whether that’s in the press box or if he actually beats Kindl out for that final spot.
  • Kindl’s deal is also one-way, so he couldn’t be sent back down to GR without clearing waivers…which like I said before, has virtually no chance of happening.

So let’s say we keep everybody.  Modano signs for that reported $1.25 million, my proposed $900,000 deals work for Abdelkader and Helm, and we carry along Draper, Meech, and Ritola.  Here’s your 23 man roster:

If Kenny is planning to go to war with this roster, that leaves little to no room left to sign that veteran D AND have enough for an emergency signing in case we need a new Drew Miller (who will be waiting in the wings in Grand Rapids).

So the question I pose to you is this – with these 23 guys on the roster, do we even need to save any money for an emergency call-up?  Why not go out and get someone to sign for $750K-$900K?  That would put us right up against the Cap…but we’d have a full house of 24 players.  We would still have players battling for spots and have enough to fill in the gaps should one or two or even three or four players get knicked up at the same time (god forbid).

We all know that Kenny is going to do what’s best for this team.  But I’m asking anyway.

What would you do?