Can’t Play 55 Minutes and Win

The Wings beat themselves last night.  There were many things that went well.  Rafalski was winged_wheelexcellent.  The “Little Red Corvettes” line gave Washington fits all night.  We were peppering Theodore throughout the entire game.

But our bad “puck luck” returned.  Shot after shot last night would get deflected and miss the mark.  Bouncing pucks never seemed to be favorable on the Red Wings’ behalf.  We could have blown that game wide open at any point.  But Washington held off each time, just waiting for their chance to strike.

We let them.  Bertuzzi takes a needless tripping penalty 160+ feet from his own net late in the third.  You knew they were going to score on that powerplay.  Stuart got turned inside out by Backstrom on a routine one-on-one (the move that beat him was nothing special).  And Osgood looked….well, like Osgood quite frankly.  And that is far from complementary.

Maybe you give Ozzie one more chance to start in the next game.  But at this point, if last night was the best he had to offer, no matter how “stagnant” he was, then maybe he needs to be put back on the shelf.

At least San Jose beat LA.  We’re still only one point out of 8th place in the West.  Anaheim is coming up fast though, they’re now tied with Dallas just three points behind.

We controlled 55 minutes of that game last night, but let the two points get away from us in the final 5 minutes.  Those are the kind of games that sting.