Calling a Spade a Spade


From the Free Press:

“We were poor.  We were poor in goal, we were poor on the back end, we were poor up front, we were poor in the work ethic department. The bottom line is we didn’t look like a team that’s dying to be in the playoffs.”–Mike Babcock

Sounds like a pretty poor effort, doesn’t it?  Sure we got some help from other teams last night, but if the play-offs started today and Detroit faced Chicago in the first round, how comfortable would you be right now?

“It’s unacceptable.  We have to come back tomorrow and regroup and ask ourselves if we want to do this, and if we do, it’s got to start tomorrow.”–Brad Stuart

And if you don’t?  Another effort like that on Friday could have us looking up at the top 8 again.  Like I said earlier, it’s too late in the season to be playing like we did last night.

I could even buy a little bit of thise so-called “bad puck luck”, but the effort just wasn’t there.  We won’t be able to pass Nashville in the standings on Friday, even if they lose in regulation (oh please, oh please, oh please) to the Kings tonight.  But we can send them and the fans one hell of a message by playing a complete 60 minute game of Red Wing hockey.

Come on, boys.